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More Updates about the Recent News.

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I know many of you may be disappointed about my bad luck and the changes with this magazine.

I will be doing special contests in the clubs for prizes and places in the magazine.

Also, In my previous magazines, I have used simpily “Paint”. It is very simple and hard to get great results out of. For a change! I will most likely be investing in the “Photoshop” program.

Better Graphics!

•Better Writing!

•Double the Size!

•Reader Involvement!


I thank you readers for your understanding and I hope you stay involved! I would LOVE some permotion!

Thank You!




Written by Megan

April 8, 2009 at 10:32 pm

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An Important Announcement.

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Due to some issues with my computer, my files for the April-May 2009 issue, will NOT open. I am extremely disappointed and sorry to everyone who was involved in this issue. It will not be published.

There is going to be some changes due to my life and not having time to be on this computer doing my work as often. The issues will be published TWO TIMES A YEAR!

I will be publishing Summer and Winter issues, in May and November. Due to the time, the first new and improved issue will come out November 2009,  it will be the first official winter issue. Since I will not be publishing near as often, these issues may be double their size! Yay!

I am so sorry about the inconvienece and I PROMISE you a fantastic issue in November!

Much Love!

Megan (Editor-In-Cheif)

Written by Megan

April 7, 2009 at 10:19 pm

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A New Years Resolution

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For a New Years Resolution I just want to be happy, not stressed. I take a lot of time out of my day to work on this magazine. Therefore, there will be no February issue. Issues will start regulary bi-monthly again in April-May.

The April-May issue will be a Spring Fashion issue and I will be putting an enormous amount of time and work into this issues articles, graphics, and writing. As you all know I put last months issue to a hold, I kept putting it off and I want this one to be done in time so I don’t need to stress about it.

The April-May issue will hopefully, pinkys-crossed, be out on April 1st 2009. We also are following in Eternity’s footsteps, of coarse in a completely different way, with 2 or more covergirls, most previous. Yes, 2 or 3 of Flying High and Ivory’s former covergirls will be back for this issue.

Be prepared to be amazed!
Thank you so much! I love you readers, I check comments and views everyday, it is very important to me! Comment and let me know what you think!

With Love!

Written by Megan

January 7, 2009 at 3:46 am

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